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SUMMARY: The 2014 General Aviation turboprop market did very well again with 603 aircraft delivered from 10 OEM’s (from 6 countries) down 6.5% from 2013. The delivery value was $US 1.887 billion down 5.6% from 2013, with 79% of all deliveries being single engine turboprops (474 aircraft), of which 26% were pressurized singles (157 aircraft) and 53% (317 aircraft) were un-pressurized singles which includes Agricultural aircraft (aka ‘crop dusters’) with 30% of all deliveries (181 aircraft). Twin turbine deliveries were 21% (129 aircraft) of all turbine deliveries (98% were King Air’s), the BIG winners were Textron Aviation with 221 deliveries (Caravan and King Air line), Pilatus with 76 deliveries (PC-12 and PC-6) and Socata with 51 deliveries (TBM900). The BIG losers were Extra (EA500) with 2 deliveries, Piaggio (Avanti II) with 2 deliveries and PAC (750XL) with 4 deliveries and these OEM’s have a highly questionable future ahead with such low production rates and owners risk having an ‘orphaned’ aircraft (out of production with no support and little resale value). Only 5 of the 10 OEM’s are US based BUT only 3 of the OEM’s are actually US owned, and 6 out of the 10 OEM’s produce only one turboprop model with 10 new programs in the works, including 4 high speed pressurized turboprop singles and 5 un-pressurized twin turbine aircraft (4 of which are “revivals” from the past, so only 1 “new” twin model). The new models are ‘hoping’ to enter the highly risky GA market shortly, though few of them will ever make it all the way to certification, production and successful commercialization, you need lots of money, have the right people in place and most importantly a product the market actually ‘needs’ !

READ : The 2015 General Aviation Market of February 16, 2016 The numbers are in for the production of general aviation (GA) turboprops in 2014, and while the year was slightly down from 2013 it was a good year with 603 produced for a net value of $US 1.887 billion between 10 OEM (original equipment … Continue reading

SUMMARY: Pilatus Aircraft has rolled out its first business jet, the PC-24 is being marketed as the “Super Versatile Jet” ? AND “it’s the only aircraft combining the versatility of the turboprop with the size of a medium size jet and the performance of a light jet” ? AND “It’s a plane that simply does not fit into any of the existing business jet categories” ? to good to be true ? or marketing gone wild ? Is there really a market for operating into remote, short and dangerous unprepared airstrips with a $8.9 million jet with high net worth VIP’s on board or a mere 2,500 lbs of cargo on board ? come on, really ? Simply Pilatus is exaggerating and misleading customers, it has a jet with a big cabin equal to biz jets of $15+ million (501 ft3), and that is its big and unique value proposition. Promises of great short field performance is highly questionable as power to weight ratio (0.39) is at par with existing aircraft and the wings and flaps are too close to the ground to be safe for any unprepared airfield operations. Contrary to Pilatus claims the PC-24 is NOT designed for short unprepared airfields, nothing on its design is unique in that perspective, but it will be very attractive to buyers for its large cabin size at a relative low price. If you really need to fly into remote,unprepared and short airfields, buy their PC-6 or PC-12 but not the PC-24, sorry but this is just a case of marketing myopia, and marketing gone wild ! This is not a PC-6 or PC-12 where you can almost go anywhere, this is a high value business jet for high net worth clients, who are not going to risk their lives going into short rough airfield in remote regions, that is just silly marketing, that will backfire, its like marketing an expensive limousine to drive VIP’s into remote rough terrain regions or to load your expensive limousine with freight ? dum idea no ?

The August 1, 2014 roll out of the new $US 8.9 (2017 price) or around $US 8.4m (2014) Pilatus PC-24 business jet was very impressive, and a major milestone for Pilatus Aircraft as it diversifies its product range beyond its military PC-7 and PC-21 turboprop trainer sales and build on its 1,200+ delivered PC-12 single … Continue reading