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ABSTRACT: IAG (International Airline Group) acquires Ireland’s Aer Lingus and gains 23 valuable slots at Heathrow, while oneworld partner Qatar Airways buys 10% of IAG, Europe’s highly fragmented airline industry with 200+ airline groups where the top 5 airlines by traffic have a 46% market share compared to 87% in the highly consolidated and concentrated US market, and a new stage of European consolidations will soon begin, as state aid is all but gone now, and already in 2015 both Cyprus Airways and EuroLOT are shut down, Lufthansa Group and Air France-KLM Group both struggle with sustainable profitability and many of the remaining small carriers are waiting for a “white knight” before they go bankrupt, meanwhile most of the recent European airline acquisitions have been from outside of Europe, the industry is changing, and many airline bankruptcies are expected as there are no more “white knights” around like Etihad Airways to rescue the weak and struggling airlines.

The Irish national carrier, Aer Lingus is being acquired by IAG (International Airline Group, LSE:IAG), the 6th largest airline group in the world with revenue of $US 24.7 B (billion) and the parent of British Airways, Spain’s Iberia and LCC Vueling, valuing the airline at Euro 1.36 billion (+/- $US 1.53 billion). Under current CEO … Continue reading

PART 1 of 2 – The Evolution of the LCC (Low Cost Carrier) Business Model in North America: WHO are the LCC’s ? WHAT is their Strategy ? WHERE are the big cost savings ? and WHY are there so many different LCC Business Models ? and which LCC’s are the best performers ?

For 2013, the U.S. airlines, both FSC (full service carriers) like Delta Air Lines (DL), American Airlines (AA) and United Airlines (UA), US Airways (US) and Alaska Airlines (AS) the 6 U.S. based LCC (low cost carriers) like Spirit Airlines (NK), Allegiant Air (G4), Virgin America (VX), JetBlue Airways (B6), Southwest Airlines (WN) and Frontier … Continue reading