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UPDATE: Bombardier, the Canadian Government and 49.5% owner of the CSeries program (through CSALP) the Quebec Government are together discounting Boeing’s claim that Bombardier is “price dumping” the struggling CSeries program on the US market (Delta Air Lines order for 75 x CS100’s in April, 2016). In short, “price dumping” means much lower prices on the export market than in a home market. Most likely its true that Bombardier is offering +60% discounts on the CSeries, which means selling below cost and at a loss. Having just 320 orders after 9 years, the company is desperate for orders, and purchase price is the #1 determinant these days by all airlines. Now, Boeing is seeking an order against the sale of the CSeries aircraft in the US market. That would be a severe blow to Bombardier and the CSeries as no commercial aircraft has gone on to be a success, without major sales in the US market (e.g. Viscounts, BAC 1-11, VC-10, Concorde, Saab 2000, Fokker F50, Fokker F-70, Dornier 328/328Jet, etc.), though the US market is not as dominant as it once was, it is still crucial for every commercial aircraft OEM. This is the stuff, President Trump loves, big announcements that he is saving the US workers jobs against foreign companies that don’t play by the rules, for Bombardier the timing could not be any worst. But they wanted “state aid” and with it comes the perception of “illegal state aid”, and Boeing is not the only one to complain against Bombardier, as Airbus and ATR have made moves to go to the WTO (World trade Organization) to investigate Canadian state aid to Bombardier. Now, most Canadians know that “state aid” or “corporate welfare” is going to the company from our pockets, this has been on going for 50+ years and sadly its all a “state secret” even though its public money going to a private company. Canadians have no idea how much taxpayers money was given or returned by Bombardier, for it is THE symbol of Quebec’s industrial capabilities, and always treated “special” here in Canada by most governments in power since the 1970’s. It was then that Quebec started to contemplate breaking away from Canada and becoming its own independent state, and that is why it has been given so much money and cheap deals on privatization of Canadair $120M in 1986 and de Havilland $100M in 1992 from which the whole Challenger, CRJ, Global,DHC-8 and Q400 aircraft products all came from.

The Canadian Government off course is standing by Bombardier on this, but as I have been on this issues since the Delta Air lines deal, I know through contacts and Boeing knows even better what the price to Delta Air Lines (DAL) was. Now comes a lot of trouble, which was expected as the CSeries … Continue reading

SUMMARY: Bombardier’s on going 5 Year Transformation Plan looks to $25 billion in Revenue by 2020 (+53% on 2016 Revenue of $16.33 billion which is down 18.8% or $3.8 billion since 2014), with $15 billion (60%) to come from Aerospace, Commercial Aircraft (BCA to $5 billion + 129% on 2016) and Business Aircraft (BBA to $9 billion +54% on 2016). I look at how realistic that is given the CSeries poor sales after 8+ years (320) and several old, tired and dying programs that need to be culled, from the Q400, Learjets to the 1970’s designed CL-600 Challenger and its evolutionary cousins the CRJ, G5000/6000 (BBA’s once “cash cow”) and new G7000 line. My take is that Bombardier will fall short by at least $6.5 billion on its Commercial and Business Aircraft goals, as realistically by 2020 all Bombardier will have to sell in Aerospace is its CSeries, the new Global 7000/8000 business jets and the Challenger 350. At the same time all of its products are going to face lot more competition from Airbus, Boeing, Comac (China), Irkut (Russia) and Embraer on the Commercial Aircraft side as the ‘duopoly’ turns into 5 competitors, with Bombardier the weak “5th Wheel”, while Business Aircraft (BBA) is facing new competing aircraft from Gulfstream (G500/600), Dassault (Falcon 5X/8X) and Textron (Longitude/Hemisphere). Bombardier is also facing a ‘perfect storm’ of tougher global market, economic and political forces that will challenge Bombardier’s on going struggle to become financially viable without taxpayers Government money. Empowered by ‘state aid’ the company is now arrogant enough to launch another new aircraft program, as Sweden is investigating serious bribery charges against the company and the top 5 Bombardier executives get almost 49% pay increase for what I do not know ? yet 14,500 employees are being laid off, and the “gong show” at Bombardier continues.

READ MORE ON BOMBARDIER on this Blog just go to ‘Categories’ and click on Bombardier https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomas-chlumecky-3200a021/recent-activity/posts/ ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Bombardier Inc. released its 2016 Annual Report last month and while the company had Revenues of $US 16.339 billion in 2016 (down 18.7% on Revenue of $20.111 billion in 2014) and recorded a Net Loss of $981 million … Continue reading

UPDATE: Bombardier (TSE:BBD.B) stock closes at $0.89 today after breaking the $1.00 barrier yesterday, now institutional investors, mutual funds, ETF’s will start selling the stock as they do not hold “penny” stocks and there is a risk of the shares being delisted from Canada’s TSX stock index in the next 3-6 months if things do not change. Look the company is in BIG trouble, the CSeries will be it’s Achilles heel and predatory pricing by Airbus and Boeing is the arrow that will ultimately kill it. The CSeries is just not selling, it is positioned for a poor market segment, it faces the might of Airbus and Boeing pricing supremacy, it’s small order book of 243 “firm orders” of which +/- 90 are actually “limp/doughy/non-existing” orders that go back to 2009-2011 that surely will NOT happen, entry into service (EIS) is still 5 months away, production ramp up is just starting and Chairman of the Board, and ex-CEO Pierre Beaudoin is still there. New aircraft orders in 2015 were off by 65% while current backlog may have as little as 324 aircraft or 15 months of production at past rates. CSeries will be face Airbus and Boeing at every opportunity for a sale, and pricing will win out and even if Bombardier does win a deal here and there, the price will be so low that it may be a money losing deal, and here is no way to recoup any losses as sales of Q400’s, CRJ, Learjets and Globals continue to decrease rapidly, and the future Global G7000 “cash cow” looks as if they may have another “cash bleeder” on their hands instead. These are dark times for the future of Bombardier and the future of the Canadian aerospace industry, most likely we are going to lose a major industry within the next 4 years.

Well I have said it months ago that Bombardier’s stock (TSE:BBD.B) will become a “penny stock” by year’s end, and I missed it by 27 days, when January 27th, it hit $C 0.99 a share that is a market capitalization of only $US 2.11 billion, and I as expected today, the stock went further down … Continue reading

UPDATE: Bombardier stock (TSE:BBD.B) has been at $1.00 all day today, and late this afternoon it went south of that “psychological” barrier and became a “penny” stock, as it closed at a 25 year low of $0.99 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Investors are dumping their shares for good reasons. No new CSeries order since September, 2014, lost United deal to Boeing, 3 of the 4 first CSeries orders from 2009-2011 are NOT happening (Lease Corp. International, Odyssey, Republic add up to 53 ‘firm’ orders and 57 options) and the 4th is Gulf Air (2011 order for 10 x CS100’s and 6 options) that last week ordered 19 x A320/321 with 10 x A320 already on order, and their CEO Maher Salman Al Musallam comments on the CSeries are not optimistic “I don’t know, as a small airline, whether we are able to operate a third type or not”, “whether it’s going to be viable for Gulf Air to continue to renegotiate a delivery date with Bombardier or something else”, also today, the CEO of Gulf Air offered his resignation, no reason given. Meanwhile, Bombardier eyes Iran, but Iran will order 127 Airbus airliners this week, meanwhile Delta Air Lines order that Bombardier wants so badly, will not be any time soon and then will require a very good price, that will have to compete with Embraer, Boeing and maybe Airbus. Bombardier wants Federal government to buy 50% of CSeries, yet Quebec’s Mayors block East pipeline that western Canada desperately needs for its oil. If Bombardier gets money from the Feds, western Canada will NOT be happy with Ottawa. I say NO to any funding until current special voting shares by which 60% control is still in the hands of the 2 families, eliminated and then some sizable injection of capital by the 2 families that today control Bombardier and who orchestrated the current fiasco, otherwise I say NO to Federal money for Bombardier, too many other needs in Canada. Lastly, Bombardier needs to just stop talking about all the deals they are working on, it is bad PR when they lose and it is un-professional, when you sold something then brag about it but don’t brag about being in this or that campaign, because the sad reality is they will lose +85% of the campaigns when competing with the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing, it is just sad they are so “desperate” for any good news.

This is the event few would have expected at Bombardier a few years ago, but today the Bombardier shares (TSE:BBD.B) went to $0.99 a share, the lowest in +25 years (since 1991), and it is a “penny” stock today, this is how bad the company is now perceive don the market, a total mess from … Continue reading

SUMMARY: Bombardier finally sees that “aggressive” pricing for the CSeries is a must, as the “game changer” has no new order since September, 2014 and it is now perfectly clear to all that the fuel efficiency of the CSeries will be closely matched by Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Comac and Irkut as they will all incorporate new generation fuel efficient engines in their new aircraft programs. This year, 2016, is the make it or break it year for Bombardier, all eyes are on sales, EIS (entry into service) and production ramp up, 12 months from now the future of the company will be clearer, one way or the other. The CSeries has now lost its main competitive advantage, its value proposition (most fuel efficient airliner) and like all the others it will have to seriously discount it’s price to win any new order, and it is not prepared or capable of waging a price war. A major price war is looming as the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing, will not only have to deal with Bombardier’s CS100/300 and Embraer’s E195-E2 at the low end, but head on competition from China’s Comac C919 and Russia’s Irkut MC-21narrow-body airliners as well within the next 5 years. It is going to get ugly for Bombardier, as surely it “hopes” that Airbus and Boeing will not continue with the slow selling A319neo or Boeing the Max7 programs (a segment that is NOT very big, and was overestimated by many), but the duopoly will stay in the segment, for if anything, just to make sure Bombardier does not get a foothold in the BIG league of commercial aircraft. A price war with the likes of Airbus, Boeing and the Chinese and Russian Governments spells disaster for Bombardier in the long run, it cannot sustain regular discounts of +40% and continue as a going concern, they just cannot compete on price at this level, where even today before the new entrants arrive, discounts of 50% from List Price are ‘common’ from Airbus and Boeing on large orders . The current United Airlines requirement for 30 new 100+ seat jets will be an example of what is to come, as United is a huge Boeing customer, with 310 x B737’s (700/800/900’s) in service today and another 100 B737Max9’s on order, there is NO way hell, Boeing will allow Bombardier to win over this customer, and the deal will probably go for $US 40+/- million per unit (50% off List Price) for the B737-700 as the NG line still needs to be filled before the MAX line takes over,. To win with United Airlines, Bombardier will be required to offer a huge discount on the $US 71.8 million CS100 and the $US 82.0 million CS300, that it would create a huge loss for the company, as it has no way of getting that loss back from its product line (unlike Airbus & Boeing that delivered 1,397 aircraft in 2015) yet a major North American order for the future success of the CSeries is a MUST if the program is to have a future. Bombardier unlike the duopoly, will have a low production rate of 10 units per month by 2020, not enough to spread its costs/losses, while the duopoly is planning on producing 122+ A320/B737’s per month by 2018, a greatly reducing unit costs, and they will fight to keep Bombardier out of it’s “turf”, especially after it announced it may go with the larger CS500 (165+ seat) jet down the road, a direct challenge to the A320/B737. Anyway, Airbus believes the CSeries will become an “orphan” aircraft, “a nice little plane”, that was probably forever doomed to be a poor seller, and Airbus should know, they were the first OEM Bombardier went to, in their attempt to sell the program last year ! All the indications are there that the market is not there, up-gauging of aircraft, low sales in the 100-150 segment by all to a lack of interest from lessors. Lastly, while the CSeries will have to deal with the duopoly, the $75 million a piece Global G7000 business jet will also have to deal with the duopoly if it plans on selling a lot, as the ACJ319/320 (Airbus Corporate Jets) and the BBJ (Boeing Business Jets) are in the same segment, a segment that has averaged only 16 units a year for the past 18 years, so the G7000 may sadly not be the “game changer” either.

I have been quiet for awhile on Bombardier, watching what will unfold, with a heavy heart, seems that the new year is not going to be much better than last year, when Bombardier’s stock (TSX:BBD.B) lost 60.9% of its value, ROI (return on investment) was -44.0% and market capitalization is down to $2.51 billion, cash … Continue reading

UPDATE: Today Bombardier received another $1.5 billion to shore up its liquidity to keep its ‘pet’ projects (CSeries and Global 7000/8000) alive and breathing. Caisse du depot et placement du Quebec (CDPQ) the provinces largest public and private pension manager will take a 30% share in Bombardier Transportation (rail), as Bombardier prepares to burn through $US+1.0 billion next year on the CSeries (entry into service, production, and on every delivered aircraft which should be 20) and another $1.0 billion on the Global 7000/8000 in development and certification costs ($2.6 billion was spent on the failed Lear 85 – how ?). The CSeries is now 49.5% owned by the Province of Quebec, and you know where jobs will be going, as the medium term future of Downsview is now questionable (remember Canadair’s home airport of Cartierville ? sold to make a golf course and a residential area at a good profit to Bombardier) as the Q400 and CRJ lines are in their final 2-3 years of production, as backlogs for both are less than 130 (currently 5 x CRJ’s and 2 x Q400’s are being produced per month), you can do the math right ? They want federal money too as they make plans to send Q400 wing and cockpit work to Mexico as the product life cycle is firmly in the decline phase for both lines, and Quebec wants job guarantees for its stake in the Cseries. At some point in the next 2-3 years look for business jet work (inc. G7000/8000) going to Montreal. Why does the public put in money when the Beaudoin and Bombardier family control 54% of voting rights with 14% of equity ? and they are responsible for the current mess, company needs good corporate governance. The reality is that there are at best only “REALISTIC” 140 CSeries orders after 7 years of sales effort, Airbus was approached, Embraer was approached and no takers were found for the program and now they are stuck with it, slowly writing it down with huge losses. It is not only about the state of finances, but the segment (110 to 149 seats) it is positioned in, but also the huge discounting by Airbus and Boeing which will require +40% discounts by Bombardier to win any large order. Time to change the Board as you cannot solve your problems with the same people that created the problems in the first place, the Lear 85 was written down by $US 2.6 billion and the CSeries was written down by $US 3.2 billion, due to mismagement of both programs.The stock, (TSX:BBD.B) closed at $1.28 today down from $1.36 a week ago and down 70.3% from a year ago, a further drop of 22% and its a penny stock ! The financial markets are NOT impressed, everyone knows that its all a indirect BAILOUT as the company lost $4.9 billion last Quarter ($700 million without write downs) and now you have the Quebec Government in the CSeries program, and that is never good for any business as Canadian Governments have shown that they have NO idea how to run a business, we saw that with Canadair, de Havilland, Air Canada, etc. Lastly, no one discusses it but the BIG problem for the CSeries is that it will NOT make money in an industry discounting 40% off List Price today, and production of narrow body airliners is going to 125 units per month, and Bombardier plans 10 per month and it too will have to discount 40% down, making profitability at best a long term proposition, if ever.

Today Bombardier got another bail out from the Province of Quebec, this time by getting Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec (CDPQ),  Quebec’s long term public and private pension fund, to buy 30% of its Bombardier Transportation (rail business) for $1.5 billion (valuing the division at only $5.0 billion), on top of the recent … Continue reading

UPDATE: Well, things are really BAD with Bombardier and the CSeries program, as in desperation the company has offered to sell it to Airbus and Embraer for for next to nothing, a desperate plea and MAYDAY signal for help in selling the CS100/300 ! the program is in MAJOR trouble, worst than anyone thought possible. The fact that Airbus and Embraer said NO to the program and confirming there are serious production problems with the aircraft has to be scary for customers, airlines, investors, employees and any would be ‘white knight’. Its worst then I imagined, and when industry ‘guru’ Richard Aboulafia of Teal Group says “Bombardier should pull the plug” and “that this is the beginning of the end for the very troubled program”, as I have always advocated it is time to start talking to Comac (China) about “Combardier” or pull the plug on the program. Comac is very interested in Bombardier, the two OEM’s already cooperate on commonality between the CSeries and the C919, and they need each other, one needs money the other needs industry know how and experience, and Bombardier is the only commercial jet airliner manufacturer in the world one can buy today. Bombardier (TSX:BBD.B) rose last week on news that United Airlines may buy a fleet of 100+ seat airliners if its pilots agree to a 2 year contract extension, its a ‘game’, Delta’s CEO Richard Anderson tried the same thing this July with a 60 aircraft/$US 4.0 billion order/ ‘carrot’ with his pilots, they rejected his deal, and he cancelled the order, relax we are very far away from any major US airline order. Bombardier investors are hard-up for any good news, stock is very volatile right now and I am looking for it to break the $1.00 mark before Christmas. Latest launch of the Q400 “combi” is troubling to me, up to 50 passengers in the front and 9,000 lbs of cargo in the back through a small 1.72m x 0.71m door ?, its a weight and balance operational nightmare on a 32.81 meter long “teeter totter” (aka seesaw), good luck with that ! Bombardier needs money, lots of it by mid-2016, look for it to sell Learjet for sure, and then a part of Aerostructures and Engineering Services, part of Transportation, “pause” the new G8000 program and bring in the Quebec government through Caisse (2nd largest pension fund in Canada) and Quebec’s public pension manager, poor pensioners in Quebec ! These are truly dark days for Bombardier, the next 10 weeks will determine its future one way or another.

The last time I wrote about Bombardier was September 15, 2015 and I was thinking at the time, it cannot get worst, but here I am 24 days later and I am seriously worried about the viability of Bombardier’s viability as a going concern, as the bad news just keeps getting worst, the fact Bombardier … Continue reading

UPDATE: Another exciting week at Bombardier, as stock surged upwards ($1.86 per share) on the news that Beijing Infrastructure (China) wants to buy Bombardier Transportation (Trains) division for $8.0 billion (valuation 60% higher than expected), which will have an IPO latter this year to provide liquidity for cash burning CSeries program. Still no new good news, and Bombardier stock (TSX:BBD.B) risks being a “penny” stock in a few weeks, as Macquarie sets target price of stock at $1.00 and recommends selling the stock now before it plunges, even though it’s AirFinance leasing division (165 aircraft, of which 94% are A320’s/B737’s) has 40 + 10 CS300 on order ? Another CSeries lessor, LCI says Bombardier needs to “start turning interest into orders from market leading airlines”, also that “two marquee customers that will each take in excess of 25 aircraft” is a must, as otherwise “LCI could abandon its 20 x CS100/300 orders”. Off course the CSeries order book lacks breath and quality (e.g. little known and struggling airBaltic of Latvia is it’s launch customer for the CS300 ?) and Bombardier needs a big new order soon to revive confidence in the program, as it is becoming clear that the current 243 orders are realistically only 150 at best while the A320neo line has 4,193 firm orders and the Boeing B737Max line has 2,869 orders, is the 100-149 seat market even viable for 2 OEM’s (Embraer and Bombardier) ? Lastly, Russian Ilyushin Finance (IFC) is talking about keeping its CSeries orders after cancelling this summer, yet EU/US/Canadian sanctions are in place (for Russia’s annexation of Crimea last year, its 4th occupation of another state’s territory since 1992) against Russian government majority owned banks, oil companies, several Putin’s close “friends/oligarchs” and current sanctions do include United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) the holding company for most of Russia’s aviation/aerospace industry, including the Sukhoi SSJ-100 SuperJet program) which also owns Ilyushin Finance (IFC), therefore any CSeries deal would be in violation of existing sanctions, and surely Canadian will stand by its obligations to STOP such a deal as NATO is facing renewed Russian aggression and a new “Cold War” is on, and no ‘western’ airline should order the Sukhoi SSJ-100 airliner as it would be a PR disaster these days one that could face a customer backlash/boycott. A Canadian election is set for next month and many Ukrainian and Eastern European citizens expect the Canadian Government to hold a ‘tough’ line on Russian expansion and aggression.

Well another exciting week at Bombardier has passed, as the stock (TSX:BBD.B) as its stock climbed to $1.37 on September 9th and then on Friday September 11th it hit $1.86, having hit a new bottom at $1.11 on August 24. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- The struggling CSeries still has only 243 ‘firm’ (53 x CS100 and 190 x … Continue reading

SUMMARY: Bombardier’s stock (TSE:BBD.B) hit a new 22 year low again today at $C 1.46 a share, a 62% drop from a year ago, market capitalization is now $C 3.25 billion (less than CAE and just above WestJet Airlines) for a $US 20 billion a year company, that is just unacceptable for any public company. The company just announced a 2 year delay in its new $US 75 million per unit Global 7000 business jet program (already behind by 2 years), right after it announced a 30% production reduction from 80 to 55 units per year of its “cash cow” Global 5000/6000 business jet brand due to a ‘softening’ market globally but also very much due to competition from the #1 OEM in the ultra-long range segment (+/- 48% market share), Gulfstream Aerospace, which is having a very strong sales year (book to bill ratio is 1.0+) with its new G500/600’s and existing G650/G650ER’s , and # 3 OEM (+/- 15% market share), Dassault, with its new Falcon 8X and 5X. Bombardier’s CEO Alain Bellemare is doing a great job keeping the “Titanic” afloat, but 1st half results are worrying, both Commercial and Business Aircraft did have slightly better revenues than last year, BUT most worrying are the Book to Bill ratios (orders/deliveries), Commercial had 0.67 (CRJ line only 0.26) while Business Aircraft had 0.29, in short, both Commercial and Business Jet divisions are seeing very few new firm orders, yet Embraer posted book to bill ratio of 2.64 for its E-Jets (124 firm orders, 47 deliveries) in the first half of this year, the 124 E-Jet orders vs 7 CRJ orders (7 x CRJ-900’s for Mesa) so far this year, says novels about the two products attractiveness, their marketing, promotion and sales, a very serious downward trend indeed for the CRJ brand. Now Bombardier will see deteriorating revenue and cash flow numbers from Commercial and Business aircraft divisions at a time it needs lots and lots of cash, as it “Burned” over $US 1.553 billion in free cash-flow (FCF) in the first 6 months of this year on the CSeries and G7000/8000 programs, and is on target to “Burn” another $US 1.5 billion by year’s end, which wipes away all the new equity and debt it raised in February of this year. An IPO (initial public offering) of Transportation division (trains) is set for the 4th quarter this year which will raise lots of cash (up to $US 5.0 billion for 100%, but only a minority will be sold, most likely to Siemens), so around $US 2.0+ billion is possible as debt is very high at almost $US 10 billion, so where is Bombardier heading ? Many analyst and investors believe there is NO clear path to recovery in sight, while Macquarie Financial lowers BBD.B target stock price to $C 1.00 and yet its own subsidiary, AirFinance (commercial aircraft lessor) has 40 CS300’s on order worth $US 3.14 billion ?? On the bright side, the CSeries is 3+/- months away from certification, and new orders will start coming in after that and the stock will rebound on any positive news. More liquidity is badly needed by 2017, but the Beaudoin family’s control 54% of Bombardier through special class shares, a situation many investors find unacceptable, and many of them may not be lining up next year when Bombardier will need to raise more equity and debt once again, and NOW is the best time for ex-CEO Pierre Beaudoin who created the current mess, and who is now Bombardier’s Executive Chairman of the Board, to go ! It is what is best for the future of the company, as many tough times are still ahead, and there should only be one ‘master’ at the helm at this time as the company’s future is at a crossroad.

Well I am back to writing about Bombardier, my last article was on July 16, 2015 when Bombardier’s stock (TSE:BBD.B) was at a 22 year low of $C 1.84 a share, and I thought it had hit rock bottom, having laid off up to 6,950 employees since January 2014 in 4 rounds and a 5th … Continue reading

ABSTRACT: Bombardier Aerospace is changing its top management for the better and hopefully mediocrity within it’s ranks is on its way out at all levels, new CEO Alain Bellemare has ditched his President of Commercial Aircraft, Mike Arcamone and replaced him with Fred Cromer (ex-President of ILFC) while Swiss Global Air Lines will be the CSeries launch customer in 3Q/2016. The CSeries still has many issues ahead, flight testing schedule will change, entry into service (EIS), deep price discounting by Boeing and Airbus (40% to +50%). A major slow down in demand for business jets in China and Russia spells trouble for the Global brand, while Russia’s IFC is reviewing its order for 32 CS300’s and another 75 orders are highly questionable (in fact 44% of orders are questionable), just as more CSeries orders are badly needed, especially a BIG North American customer. Future of Learjet is up in the air, as some big changes are a must for restructuring the company, as stock price languishes below CAD$ 3.00 since February 10th and compared against it’s peers Bombardier financial performance is very poor, how long will it remain the world’s only manufacturer of trains and planes ? The good news is that there is change, and with that comes hope for everyone, new people bring new ideas, new enthusiasm and new energy, Bombardier for too long did the same things over and over again, expecting different results and off course failed to produce different results, now I see a some light at the end of the dark tunnel for Bombardier Aerospace, in the end success in business is ALL about having the right people in the right positions !

For the regular readers of my Blog, you know that I have been very critical of Bombardier Aerospace for some time, and I do take pride in the fact that I believe I was spot on for calling for BIG changes at the top. Back on January 20, 2015, I was the first to call … Continue reading

ABSTRACT: Sukhoi’s 93 seat, $35 million SSJ-100 has received 30 orders this year already (Aeroflot x 20, Interjet x 10) and is looking to a new stretched version by 2018, is this aircraft a real competitor to Embraer, Bombardier and Mitsubishi ? or just a ‘niche’ aircraft mainly for the Russian Federation ? it’s Snecma SaM146 engine is a CFM56 derivative which is being phased out in the industry as new generation engines come on line on the Boeing MAX, CSeries, MRJ Embraer E2’s and Airbus neo aircraft, with published SSJ fleet aircraft utilization at 8 operators between a low 93 to 166 hours per month this has to be worrying for any operator, is there a problem with support ? reliability ? or the operators ? delivery to its first Western European customer, VLM Airlines of Belgium is delayed until 3Q/2016 due to cerification, as well the aircraft’s future international success depends on Russia’s foreign policy, if new sanctions have to be added they will target the Russian aerospace industry, crushing Russia’s dream of being a serious international commercial aircraft player with the SSJ-100 and future Irkut MC-21, without international orders, no company can be a major player in this industry, no matter how big its domestic market is.

The SuperJet International SpA (a joint venture between Alenia 51%, Sukhoi 49% on the Sukhoi SSJ-100 SuperJet) with 182 orders, has received a follow on order from Mexico’s Interjet for 10 more of the aircraft for a list price of $US 350 million, though no one pays list price for commercial aircraft today, not at … Continue reading

ABSTRACT: Bombardier has gone outside the company and family for its new President/CEO, Mr. Alain Bellemare from UTC, his main task has to be the radical turnaround of the $10.49 B a year Aerospace Division, as the $US 3.4 B CSeries program is now $US 5.4 B ! and EIS is NOT until 2016, in 2014 Aerospace lost $995 M, free cash flow was a $ -1.059 B, Commercial Aircraft’s CRJ and Q400 sales slowly fading even with +30% discounts (only 27% of revenue) while business jet orders are down 59% in 2014 from 2013 with a disappointing Order to Bill Ratio of only 0.6 (sold less than it delivered), Business Aircraft has always been strong (72% of revenue) now facing new competing aircraft programs that are going to challenge it’s sacred high margin ‘Cash Cow’ Global brand ($4.5 B in sales on 80 delivered and 43% of total revenue), off course more liquidity is needed to finish the CSeries and Global 7000/8000’s, so $US 2.1 B in new in debt and equity will be raised, while the struggling CSeries order book of 243 units now needs at least 550 orders to break-even, it is time to fix Bombardier Aerospace from the top down and possibly JV with China’s Comac (aka “Combardier”)

Following up my blog article on Bombardier Aerospace on January 20th, where I dared to ask the question if it was time for Bombardier to look outside Bombardier and the family for a new CEO, like they did back in 2002, the answer came Feb 11th, when Mr. Alain Bellemare was hired as the new … Continue reading

ABSTRACT: Bombardier takes another credibility hit, stock drops 25% in one day as investor confidence is shaken and they are selling, another senior executive departs, the Learjet 85 is “paused” with a $US 1.4 billion write down, certifying 4 new jets at once costing $US 6.9 billion was “nuts”, the Q400 and CRJ’s programs are near their end, another 1,000 employees are to be laid off on top of 2,000 last year, corporate credit rating cut, talk of a Q400 and CRJ assembly line in China, only 243 firm orders for the CSeries after 78 months of effort, and probably 100+ will NOT take delivery, Alenia a major CSeries subcontractor sues for $US 121 million, CSeries EIS not till 2016, low fuel prices diminish the fuel efficiency argument for CSeries, while it’s launch customer is a secret ? sell Commercial Aircraft Division to China’s COMAC and create Combardier ? capital markets worried about liquidity and management, Business Aircraft Division now discounting some aircraft, Learjet cannot survive on only 33 Learjet 70/75 sales (+/- $US 335 million) a year, is it doomed ? sell it off ? with a cashflow of only $US 800 million in 2014 will Aerospace have the cash to complete certification and produce the $US 1 billion Global 7000/8000 business jets and the $US 4.5 billion CSeries ? time for an outsider as CEO – again ?

Bombardier, the world’s only plane and train manufacturer continues to disappoint shareholders, employees and customers, and on Wednesday, January 15th, we saw the wall crash down, when Bombardier stock (TSX:BBD.B) crashed downwards by 25.85% in one day ($US 1.8 billion in market capitalization) on volume of 57 million shares, to $CAD 3.07 from $CAD 4.14, ouch … Continue reading

Bombardier Aerospace is finally reorganizing, 1,800 employees will be laid off on top of the 1,700 laid off in January, last week’s Farnborough Air Show was disappointing with only 5 Q400 orders booked and Embraer’s E2 line launched only 13 months ago has surpassed the 5 years of “Game Changing” CSeries sales efforts by 75 aircraft (278 vs 203), something is seriously wrong in Montreal.

Well, the news out of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft just got worst with the announcement that, Mr. Guy Hackey, CEO/President of Bombardier Aerospace since 2008 will “retire” due to organizational changes, that may see up 1,800 employees laid off on top of the 1,700 laid off in January, the bad situation with the CSeries is terms … Continue reading

This year’s Farnborough Air Show was all about the new Airbus A350 and A330neo and almost everything in the industry looks good, increasing orders, backlogs, airline profits, production, low interest rates and yet several of the regional aircraft manufacturers like Bombardier are struggling to get new orders.

The 2014 Farnborough Air Show is over and once again Airbus and Boeing dominated the show with big deals worth $US 115.5 billion in orders for 697 out of roughly 900 aircraft orders ! for comparison, last year’s Le Bourget Air Show had 1,450 orders worth $295 billion. This year the show was all about … Continue reading

Air Canada’s Cost Transformation and Revenue Improvement strategy is tied to its new Fleet Renewal Plan, while its Lesiure markets will be enhanced by its new low cost subsidiary ROUGE, and following the example of US major airlines it is diversifying its regional Air Canada Express partners to drive costs down by making them compete for the business

For 2013, Air Canada had an operating profit of $CDN 619 million on revenues of $CDN 12.38 billion for a 5% operating margin and a net income of $340m for a 2.74% net margin, nothing spectacular but an vast improvement from where the airline was just a few years ago. By comparison, WestJet Airlines had … Continue reading

Bombardier counters criticism of its “sluggish” CSeries sales by claiming the “CSeries dominates the 100 -149 seat category” SERIOUSLY ? Let’s look at this Public Relations ‘spin’ on what is clearly a dismal sales performance for the CSeries program with only 203 orders since 2009 and examine where the problem really lies with the CSeries.

According to Mr. Fred Morais, Marketing Director at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, the description of CSeries as “sluggish” is not correct, in fact according to Bombardier it “dominates” (verb: like controls, commands) the 100-149 seat market” with its 203 orders from 12 customers and 1 undisclosed since 2009, apparently “these sales figures speak for themselves” says Mr. … Continue reading

Is the Overly Optimistic LCC Bubble in Southeast Asia about to Implode after a Splurge of Speculative aircraft orders and a Spree of new LCC’s Recklessly adding too much capacity too quickly ?

Too much of a good thing is not always good in the long run, in Southeast Asia you have LCC’s (low cost carrier) that have over expanded and added to much capacity and ordered too many aircraft and signs of trouble are now popping up, and fast.  The rise of low cost travel in SE … Continue reading

PART 2 of 2 – A Look at the Business Models of the 2 established US based ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carriers) Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Air as well as newcomer Frontier Airlines

In this part of my discussion of LCC, I will examine the business models and strategies of the 3 ULCC in the US market today (Spirit Airlines, Allegiant Air and new comer to the ULCC club Frontier Airlines), as well examining and bench marking their financial performance against each other. This topic can become a … Continue reading

Is There a Sustainable Business Model for Porter Airlines ? IPO, CSeries or WestJet in its Future ?

Porter Airlines started in 2006 with two 70 seat Bombardier Q400 turboprops and is the brain child of one of Canada’s most famous and successful aviation entrepreneur, Mr. Robert Deluce, CEO and President of Porter Airlines. The Deluce family is one of Canada’s premier aviation entrepreneurs, with Mr. Stanley Deluce having started White River Air … Continue reading