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UPDATE: of June 8, 2015 article – Evektor s.r.o. the Czech design office that is behind the Evektor EV-55 Outback, a 10-14 seat twin PT6A-21 powered un-pressurized STOL utility aircraft with so much sales potential, is struggling to make headway after the takeover of the company by Malaysian investors who are very new to the aviation industry. The market for a twin engine competitor to the Textron Aviation Grand Caravan is out there, but certification is going to be a major challenge for the inexperienced Czech/Malaysian company. The company has been hit by several major lawsuits for several accidents with its small LSA (light sport aircraft) 2 seat SportStar aircraft (produced by its 66% directly and 34% “indirectly” owned Evektor-Aerotechnik a.s.) and by a lawsuit from its ex-USA dealer, which has resulted in the Czech court freezing the bank accounts of Evektor-Aerotechnik a.s. in regard to a $3.2 million judgement against the company in a Florida court, forcing the company to file for “reorganization” (+/- US Chapter 11 bankruptcy), which is presently in insolvency. The Malaysians and Czechs are way over their heads with this program, and with no sign of the MSN 002 prototype (the first production standard unit) flying any time soon, certification is 3+ years away at best and it starts when MSN002 starts flying (1Q/2016 ?) and in no way will it deliver the first certified aircraft in 2017 as promised to its Malaysian launch customers, in fact, the program has a low probability of ever making it through certification, production and commercialization as it stands now. All indications point to a possible sale of the program to a ‘foreign’ OEM (e.g. China) as EASA certification will take much longer than they planned, and apparently there are no plans to sell the aircraft in the US market, meaning no FAA certification, which reduces the market potential of the aircraft by 70% at least, so where is this going ? and what about the $50+/- million the Czech Government invested in the program ? the aircraft is only possible thanks to the tax payers of the Czech Republic and the shareholders of Evektor s.r.o. should not be profiting from its sale if the EV-55 is not going to be certified and built in the Czech Republic, time for the Police to investigate the whole thing.

On June 8, 2015, I published an article on the Evektor EV-55 Outback, twin engine turboprop utility designed and built in the Czech Republic, and now going through EASA certification under its “de facto” new owner after a hostile takeover in what was originally only an investment by Malaysian investment group Apirasi Pertiwi Sdh. Bhd. … Continue reading

SUMMARY: The 2014 General Aviation turboprop market did very well again with 603 aircraft delivered from 10 OEM’s (from 6 countries) down 6.5% from 2013. The delivery value was $US 1.887 billion down 5.6% from 2013, with 79% of all deliveries being single engine turboprops (474 aircraft), of which 26% were pressurized singles (157 aircraft) and 53% (317 aircraft) were un-pressurized singles which includes Agricultural aircraft (aka ‘crop dusters’) with 30% of all deliveries (181 aircraft). Twin turbine deliveries were 21% (129 aircraft) of all turbine deliveries (98% were King Air’s), the BIG winners were Textron Aviation with 221 deliveries (Caravan and King Air line), Pilatus with 76 deliveries (PC-12 and PC-6) and Socata with 51 deliveries (TBM900). The BIG losers were Extra (EA500) with 2 deliveries, Piaggio (Avanti II) with 2 deliveries and PAC (750XL) with 4 deliveries and these OEM’s have a highly questionable future ahead with such low production rates and owners risk having an ‘orphaned’ aircraft (out of production with no support and little resale value). Only 5 of the 10 OEM’s are US based BUT only 3 of the OEM’s are actually US owned, and 6 out of the 10 OEM’s produce only one turboprop model with 10 new programs in the works, including 4 high speed pressurized turboprop singles and 5 un-pressurized twin turbine aircraft (4 of which are “revivals” from the past, so only 1 “new” twin model). The new models are ‘hoping’ to enter the highly risky GA market shortly, though few of them will ever make it all the way to certification, production and successful commercialization, you need lots of money, have the right people in place and most importantly a product the market actually ‘needs’ !

READ : The 2015 General Aviation Market of February 16, 2016 The numbers are in for the production of general aviation (GA) turboprops in 2014, and while the year was slightly down from 2013 it was a good year with 603 produced for a net value of $US 1.887 billion between 10 OEM (original equipment … Continue reading