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The sad Rise and Fall of Curacao based InselAir took another “dubious” twist 2 weeks ago, in line with the ‘disappeared’ $US 97 million in Venezuela “mystery” that brought the airline down in the first place. The the Curacao Government and 51% owner (after a $US18.3 million loan) of what is left of the airline (1 operational Fokker F50), selected One Laser Group LLC of Miami, to be Insel Air’s 49% strategic partner. The Government claims that ‘InselAir is Bankrupt Without One Laser Group’. The Group is to invest $US 11.1 million into InselAir’s revival, yet the problem is, that there is NO information on the company, executives, history, business dealings, press releases, not even a web page, just a Florida based LLC (limited liability company), basically a “shell company with 1 key person. The company claims it is a “conglomerate of companies that invest in various sectors like air freight, logistics in food & pharmaceuticals and oil supply”? whatever! What the hell is Curacao thinking? I am sorry, but I believe this is just another BS airline scam in the works, like the recent BVI Airways, PAWA Dominicana, Baltia Air Lines/USGlobal Airways and others I have covered and exposed. With 4 CEO’s since January, 2017 it says novels about the ‘fiasco’ within InselAir today.

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Uganda Airlines II, starting to take shape, but I am not liking many of the decisions made so far. CEO Ephraim Bagenda has just 6 years of aircraft maintenance experience at Rwandair? really? when commercialisation will make or break the new airline? they have a CEO with no commercial, finance, sales, marketing, RM, etc. experience? it is just not the right qualification for a CEO for a new national carrier. Now, Uganda Airlines has the unique distinction of being the the only buyer of the A330-800 in the whole world? why?, though it did get a 58.4% discount (to $US 108M) on the $US 259.9M list priced aircraft, they could have leased a new B787-8/9 or A350-900? Meanwhile Bombardier is showing its desperation to sell its struggling CRJ’s by selling 4 x CRJ900’s to Uganda Airlines for $US 110.8M ($US 27.7M each), which is a discount of 40.4% from the list price of $US 46.5M each, very good for Uganda Airlines, but could have leased them also or E175’s/190’s, but now the fleet resembles that of Rwandair (except no B737’s yet). So what did AA pay for the 15 + 15 CRJ900 order a few weeks back? surely more than 55% off ($US 20.9M for each)? which is not far from the estimated cost of $18.8M, leaving a small margin for the new Regional Aircraft Division now that CSeries is part of Airbus for free. Looks like great deals are plenty today from all 4 commercial jet aircraft OEM’s.

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SUMMARY: Farnborough International Airshow 2018

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