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Two and a half years after the BVI Airways fiasco, still nothing?

  https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomas-chlumecky-aviation-doctor-3200a021/       Unregistered Company’ bought BVI Airways Owners accused of hatching plan to sneak plane out of BVI July 30th, 2018 http://www.virginislandsnewsonline.com/en/news/unregistered-company-bought-bvi-airways- From left are Scott A. Weisman of BVI Airways, Premier Dr The Hon D. Orlando Smith, Jerry D. Willoughby, the airline’s President and CEO, Bruce F. Bradley of BVI Airways … Continue reading

Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines fame died January 3, 2019, he is the father of the short haul low cost carrier (LCC) business model, but Freddie Allen Laker was the father of the long haul low cost carrier (LHLCC) business model, which is just now emerging as a viable business model with his Laker Airways/Skytrain, just not as successful as Southwest Airlines, he died February 6, 2006. These are our pioneers and we owe a great deal to these visionaries today, may they Rest In Peace and always be remembered for their contributions to aviation.

    https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomas-chlumecky-aviation-doctor-3200a021/     Interview: Freddie Allen Laker Aviation Tribune – By Paul Tooher Posted on December 16, 2018   SIR FREDDIE LAKER | SIRFREDDIELAKER.COM It’s only natural that Norwegian Air – UK should have chosen Sir Freddie Laker as one of the first “heroes” to adorn the tail of one of its 787-9 aircraft. After all, … Continue reading