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A rare Caribbean airline success story, Turks and Caicos based inter-Caribbean Airways (8 x EMB-120, 4 x DHC-6, 1 x BN2 and soon 2 x ERJ-145’s) under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Lyndon R. Gardiner and CEO Trevor Sadler is planning to set up an AOC in the Dominican Republic with several used ERJ-145’s, as the 26 year old airline continues its impressive Caribbean expansion from Nassau, Havana, Kingston, Tortola all the way to Dominica. This Dominican Republic move would make it the second foreign airline that plans to do so, as two months back Laser Airlines of Venezuela announced it will fill the void left by the demise of PAWA Dominicana. Dominican ownership would be just 35%, it may be enough locally, but under most bilateral air service agreements (BASA) it requires majority ownership and control, so traffic rights could be an issue. No one has yet used the 50 seat regional jets in the Caribbean, though PAWA Dominicana did plan on operating 6 x CRJ-200’s, while fast they have a high unit cost (CSAK) and need a much higher yield to breakeven than what PAWA Dominicana was getting with its MD-80’s, and this will be interesting in a low yield market like the Caribbean.










Foreign airline manages to become Dominican?



~ and covers routes within the Caribbean (translated)



Eugenio De Marchena
Sunday, 26 August 2018



InterCaribbean Turks and Caicos have initiated the process that demands
the Dominican State with the aim of becoming a Dominican airline
offering services at lower cost and with greater quality over routes
with the Caribbean without needing making the stops at North American
territory, according to Eugenio de Marchena, Director of Operations.


Marchena confirmed that management are in the second phase of five to
satisfy Regulation 491-06 of Civil Aviation of the Dominican Republic,
which allows a foreign airline to become established in the Dominican
Republic and to initiate services. It is hoped that the Dominican
Institute of Aviación Civil (IDAC), under the direction of the Dr.
Alejandro Herrera, authorizes a start before the end of the current year
or early in 2019, which would establish Dominican InterCaribbean.


This Regulation establishes in Article 237 which considers national
companies whose capital with substantial property belongs to a Dominican
national at least 35% and directors are Dominican in equal proportion.


Eugenio de Marchena said that all the personnel will be Dominican what
would contribute to the most personal labor market of crew with safe use
and competitive wages, aside from the taxes that it will generate to the


This aviation expert expressed that the company that will
become Creole knows the national market enough because, from the Turks
and Caicos Islands, it has more than 30 years offering services between
the islands of the Caribbean with continuous operations from 1992
towards destinies like Turtledove, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Curacao,
Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Aruba, among others.


“Now our plan is to change the connectivity between these islands which
will allow to lower the costs significantly, including time and
facilities”, added Marchena. He said in addition the airline uses a
fleet of modern airplanes of 50 passengers who connect to airlines like
Delta, American Airlines and United. These are modern and efficient jets
which allow fast connectivity and short flights of not more than an hour
and a half.


“We come to compete with the Dominican realities of the State, but the
stability guarantees are given in the studies of trades, we only needed
the corresponding permissions so that Dominicans begin to enjoy an
airline of quality and low prices”, indicated Eugenio de Marchena.


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