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SUMMARY: The General Aviation turboprop deliveries are out for 1st Quarter, 2017 and deliveries are down to 99 aircraft and $273.M in revenue, from 109 deliveries in 1Q/2016 (-9.1%). The decline is due to the large drop in the Twin Turboprop Pressurized Segment, which had only 12 deliveries of King Airs (and NO Piaggio Avanti Evo) versus 27 deliveries (inc. 1 x Piaggio Avanti Evo) in 2016, a drop of 55%, what is happening to the King Air demand or the “walking dead” Piaggio Avanti EVO ? The Agricultural Turboprop Segment did the best with 46 deliveries up from 38 in 2016 (+27.7%) with revenues of $54.1M. The Single Engine Pressurized Segment was stagnant at 23 deliveries as in 2016, with Pilatus delivering 4 less (-25%) PC-12NG’s than in 2016, and total revenue of $98.7M (+26% more than the twin market). The Single Engine Utility market was down to 18 deliveries and had revenue of $42.1M on the back of 4 (-33%) fewer Caravan deliveries, but Quest’s Kodiak was up to 9 deliveries (+80%) over 2016 delivery of 4 aircraft. The big “loser” this past Quarter is Textron Aviation with 12 King Air deliveries down from 26 and then the Caravan with deliveries down to 8 from 12 last year, so what’s up at Textron ? as 16 less turboprops were delivered versus 2016. The “winners” are Quest Aircraft’s Kodiak with 9 deliveries up from 5 last year, and the Air Tractor with 36 deliveries up from 28, a good start for most, but Textron ?




The First Quarter, 2017 General Aviation turboprop deliveries are out from GAMA, and total aircraft unit deliveries are down (-9.1%) to 99 from 109 in 1st Quarter, 2016 and total revenue was $273.2M ($2.75M per average aircraft delivered).


  1. The Agricultural Aircraft Segment, had a good Quarter with deliveries up to 46 aircraft a 27.7% increase on 2016’s 38 deliveries and revenue of 54.1M ($1.17M per aircraft average).

Air Tractor (USA) had 36 deliveries, including 15 of its high end $1.8M AT-802A’s and Revenue around $45.6M for the quarter, versus $46.7M in 2016 when 17 x AT-802’s were delivered.

Thrush Aircraft (USA) delivered 10 aircraft the same as it did in 2016 but no high end $1.6M S2R-T660 (or the militarized version, IOMAX Archangel), and revenues were $8.5M versus $14.5M in 2016 when 4 x T660’s were delivered.


2. The Single Engine Utility Segment, deliveries were down to 18 aircraft (-14.3%) from 21 last year, for a revenue of $42.1M ($2.33M per aircraft average).

Pilatus Aircraft (Switzerland) delivered NO PC-6’s while in 2016 it delivered 3.

Quest Aircraft (USA, Japanese owned) delivered 9 x Kodiak 100’s (up 80%) on 2016’s 5 deliveries, for revenue of $22.0M ($2.44M each) as price keeps going up.

Textron Aviation (USA) delivered 3 x $1.95M CE-208’s the same as in 2016 and 5 x $2.52M CE-208B’s down from 9 in 2016 (-44%), for revenue of $18.5M.

Pacific Aerospace (New Zealand) delivered 1 x PAC 750XStol, same as in 2016, for a revenue of $1.6M down from $1.8M in 2016.


3. The Single Engine Pressurized Segment, deliveries were 23 the same as in 2016 and revenue was $98.73M ($$4.29M per aircraft delivered average).

Daher (France) delivered 7 TBM’s (6 x 930’s and 1 x new 910) up 40% on 2016 deliveries of 5 x 900’s, with revenue at $29.09M ($4.15M per aircraft average).

Pilatus Aircraft (Switzerland) delivered 12 x PC-12NG’s which is down 25% on 2016 deliveries of 16, with revenue at $59.1M ($4.92M per aircraft)

Piper Aircraft (USA, Brunei owned) delivered 3 x $2.85M M600’s and 1 x $1.99M M500 which is a 100% increase on 2016 deliveries of just 2, revenue is $10.54M ($2.63M per aircraft delivered).


4. Twin Turbine Pressurized Segment, deliveries were 12 and ALL from Textron Aviation (USA), this down from 27 deliveries in 2016 (-55%) when 26 King Airs were delivered (5 x $3.59M King Air C90GTx, 6 x $6.23M King Air 250’s, 15 x $+/- 7.7M King Air 350i/HW/ER and 1 x $7.39M  Piaggio Avnato Evo.

In 1Q/2017 deliveries were, 2 x $3.59M King Air C90GTx (down from 5 in 2016, or -60%), 4 x $6.23M King Air 250’s (down from 6 in 2016, or -33%) and 15 x $+/- $7.7M King Air 350i/HW/ER, for revenue of $78.3M ($6.52M per delivered unit).

It is this segment that has dragged 1Q/207 deliveries down and net order decline of 15 aircraft.



Nice and short today, no ? I am improving, just so much to say usually.



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