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ABSTRACT: Bombardier Aerospace is changing its top management for the better and hopefully mediocrity within it’s ranks is on its way out at all levels, new CEO Alain Bellemare has ditched his President of Commercial Aircraft, Mike Arcamone and replaced him with Fred Cromer (ex-President of ILFC) while Swiss Global Air Lines will be the CSeries launch customer in 3Q/2016. The CSeries still has many issues ahead, flight testing schedule will change, entry into service (EIS), deep price discounting by Boeing and Airbus (40% to +50%). A major slow down in demand for business jets in China and Russia spells trouble for the Global brand, while Russia’s IFC is reviewing its order for 32 CS300’s and another 75 orders are highly questionable (in fact 44% of orders are questionable), just as more CSeries orders are badly needed, especially a BIG North American customer. Future of Learjet is up in the air, as some big changes are a must for restructuring the company, as stock price languishes below CAD$ 3.00 since February 10th and compared against it’s peers Bombardier financial performance is very poor, how long will it remain the world’s only manufacturer of trains and planes ? The good news is that there is change, and with that comes hope for everyone, new people bring new ideas, new enthusiasm and new energy, Bombardier for too long did the same things over and over again, expecting different results and off course failed to produce different results, now I see a some light at the end of the dark tunnel for Bombardier Aerospace, in the end success in business is ALL about having the right people in the right positions !

For the regular readers of my Blog, you know that I have been very critical of Bombardier Aerospace for some time, and I do take pride in the fact that I believe I was spot on for calling for BIG changes at the top. Back on January 20, 2015, I was the first to call … Continue reading

ABSTRACT: The world’s most remote populated island, the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena with its 4,250+ residents on 420 square Km of land and the final resting spot for the exiled Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte who died there in 1821, is finally going to be connected to the rest of the world with its first direct air service in June, 2016. The island is in its final stages of finishing its brand new airport, that will be able to handle the planned weekly 4.5 hour (3,672 Km) flight from Johannesburg by South Africa’s Comair Boeing B737-800 that will also have to carry enough fuel for world’s farthest scheduled service alternate airport at 1,190 nm (2,201 km) to the east. The new service will greatly improve the quality of life for the local inhabitants and bring much needed economic development for a distant island lost in time for too long. There are still several very remote islands in the world where a handful of inhabitants live, very far from any civilization and still dependent on regular ship arrivals for their very survival, a world long gone to most of us.

The remote British island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic will finally be connected by air to the rest of the world on June 2016, when world gets just little smaller South Africa’s Comair starts to fly weekly to the island’s new airport with a Boeing B737-800 from Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo International Airport, 1,985 … Continue reading