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SUMMARY: On the Chinese Harbin Y-12, Coptervision, an unknown US company (rumored to be Vision Airlines) has apparently “ordered” 20 of the only FAA certified Chinese civilian airliner, the Harbin (HAIC) Y-12E which was certified back in 1995 as the Y-12-IV. Is the aircraft cominging to the USA ? or is this another “ruse” as the same big order was placed by a unknown Canadian company last year and nothing has happened since. What is the Y-12E and Y-12F and can they both be on the same Type Certificate when they are two different aircraft ? is it any good ? and why has no ‘western’ country imported one 19 years after certification ? is this a major breakthrough for the Chinese ? Clearly the rugged Y-12E has good sales potential (PT6A-135 engine, western avionics, fixed gear), but it is not marketed or promoted very well, in fact the Chinese do not know how to sell commercial aircraft and they better learn before they start production of the Comac C919 and Avic MA700. Finally a quick a look at the state of the 19 seat un-pressurized market today, what is out there today and what new aircraft are coming to the market and what sells and what does not.

The recent 10th annual Zhuhai Airshow (Nov 11-16) produced a surprise order that I think is big though few have taken notice of the order for 20 Harbin Aircraft Industry Group (HAIG) 19 seat Y-12E and Y-12F unpressurized PT6 powered regional airliners. The aircraft has a lot of sales potential, but it has been totally … Continue reading

Once again the Makivik Corporation and NorTerra Inc. could NOT agree on a merger between their respective First Air and Canadian North airline operations, the merger is dead even though they acknowledge “that the Northern airline industry was not economically viable”, so will the owners subsidize their airlines forever ? or make changes to their business model ?

Back in mid-April, 2014, The owner of Canadian North, NorTerra Inc. and the owner of First Air, Makivik Corporation, announced that talks were under way to merge the two northern Canadian airlines, which together operate 39 aircraft (DHC-8-100’s to Boeing 737’s and a B767), to “improve the sustainability of the critical Inuit birth right enterprises” … Continue reading