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Bombardier Aerospace is finally reorganizing, 1,800 employees will be laid off on top of the 1,700 laid off in January, last week’s Farnborough Air Show was disappointing with only 5 Q400 orders booked and Embraer’s E2 line launched only 13 months ago has surpassed the 5 years of “Game Changing” CSeries sales efforts by 75 aircraft (278 vs 203), something is seriously wrong in Montreal.

Well, the news out of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft just got worst with the announcement that, Mr. Guy Hackey, CEO/President of Bombardier Aerospace since 2008 will “retire” due to organizational changes, that may see up 1,800 employees laid off on top of the 1,700 laid off in January, the bad situation with the CSeries is terms … Continue reading

This year’s Farnborough Air Show was all about the new Airbus A350 and A330neo and almost everything in the industry looks good, increasing orders, backlogs, airline profits, production, low interest rates and yet several of the regional aircraft manufacturers like Bombardier are struggling to get new orders.

The 2014 Farnborough Air Show is over and once again Airbus and Boeing dominated the show with big deals worth $US 115.5 billion in orders for 697 out of roughly 900 aircraft orders ! for comparison, last year’s Le Bourget Air Show had 1,450 orders worth $295 billion. This year the show was all about … Continue reading

The US regional airline industry is changing, only 3 BIG Majors left who use regional airlines, and now at least 584 small 50 seat RJ’s are on their way out to be replaced by up to 346 larger 76 seat RJ’s coming in (1.7 : 1.0 ratio) and that means the total US regional airline fleet is heading for a 14% decline of around 238 RJ’s, and can all of the 8 US regional “airlines” survive the changes ? and what is going to happen to all those 50 seat RJ’s ?

It is time to take a good and serious look at the US regional airlines and the “small” 37 to 50 seat regional jet market (Bombardier’s CRJ line and Embraer’s ERJ line), globally numbers 1,445 active aircraft, of which 1,054 (73% of global fleet) are operated by 8 US regional airlines for 4 mainline US … Continue reading

Canada’s cozy airline duopoly is about to face new challengers in the form of newly emerging ULCC’s (ultra low cost carriers) Jet Naked (Enerjet) and Canada Jetlines that want a piece of the Low Price Segment in the $11.2 billion a year domestic and transborder market, and free Canadians from high fares !

Well, it is official, we now know of 2 ULCC (ultra low cost carriers) that plan to enter the Canadian market in the near future, as Calgary based Enerjet, owned by WestJet co-founder Tim Morgan and now operating 3 B737-700’s on charters has announced its intent to enter the Canadian ULCC market with Jet Naked, … Continue reading