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In 2013 General Aviation Turboprop deliveries hit an all time high with 645 deliveries valued at $US 2.0 billion from 11 manufacturers and now 9 new manufacturers are planning to enter the market with new aircraft, and surprisingly the Agricultural aircraft market is now 35% of ALL turboprop deliveries !

READ General Aviation market in 2015 article of February 16, 2016 My career is very diverse, and as much as I love working with and for airlines of all sizes all over the world, I also love to sell and market aircraft, and I have sold new and pre-owned executive business jets, turboprops, regional turboprops … Continue reading

Air Canada’s Cost Transformation and Revenue Improvement strategy is tied to its new Fleet Renewal Plan, while its Lesiure markets will be enhanced by its new low cost subsidiary ROUGE, and following the example of US major airlines it is diversifying its regional Air Canada Express partners to drive costs down by making them compete for the business

For 2013, Air Canada had an operating profit of $CDN 619 million on revenues of $CDN 12.38 billion for a 5% operating margin and a net income of $340m for a 2.74% net margin, nothing spectacular but an vast improvement from where the airline was just a few years ago. By comparison, WestJet Airlines had … Continue reading

UPDATES to Previous Block Articles – July 2, 2014 – ULCC hopefulls Jet Naked (Enerjet) and Canada Jetlines

July 2, 2014 – updating information from the July 1st article on the Canada’s new ULCC hopefuls Having has some time to digest the news, and giving it more thought, I have to think that that Jet Naked (Enerjet) with CEO Tim Morgan (ex-COO at WestJet) has the 1st move advantage here. Enerjet has an … Continue reading

Bombardier counters criticism of its “sluggish” CSeries sales by claiming the “CSeries dominates the 100 -149 seat category” SERIOUSLY ? Let’s look at this Public Relations ‘spin’ on what is clearly a dismal sales performance for the CSeries program with only 203 orders since 2009 and examine where the problem really lies with the CSeries.

According to Mr. Fred Morais, Marketing Director at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, the description of CSeries as “sluggish” is not¬†correct, in fact according to Bombardier it “dominates” (verb: like controls, commands) the 100-149 seat market” with its 203 orders from 12 customers and 1 undisclosed since 2009, apparently “these sales figures speak for themselves” says Mr. … Continue reading

Is the Overly Optimistic LCC Bubble in Southeast Asia about to Implode after a Splurge of Speculative aircraft orders and a Spree of new LCC’s Recklessly adding too much capacity too quickly ?

Too much of a good thing is not always good in the long run, in Southeast Asia you have LCC’s (low cost carrier) that have over expanded and added to much capacity and ordered too many aircraft and signs of trouble are now popping up, and fast. ¬†The rise of low cost travel in SE … Continue reading