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PART 2 of 2 – A Look at the Business Models of the 2 established US based ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carriers) Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Air as well as newcomer Frontier Airlines

In this part of my discussion of LCC, I will examine the business models and strategies of the 3 ULCC in the US market today (Spirit Airlines, Allegiant Air and new comer to the ULCC club Frontier Airlines), as well examining and bench marking their financial performance against each other. This topic can become a … Continue reading

PART 1 of 2 – The Evolution of the LCC (Low Cost Carrier) Business Model in North America: WHO are the LCC’s ? WHAT is their Strategy ? WHERE are the big cost savings ? and WHY are there so many different LCC Business Models ? and which LCC’s are the best performers ?

For 2013, the U.S. airlines, both FSC (full service carriers) like Delta Air Lines (DL), American Airlines (AA) and United Airlines (UA), US Airways (US) and Alaska Airlines (AS) the 6 U.S. based LCC (low cost carriers) like Spirit Airlines (NK), Allegiant Air (G4), Virgin America (VX), JetBlue Airways (B6), Southwest Airlines (WN) and Frontier … Continue reading

European Regional Airlines in Turmoil, Once High Flying FlyBE is Restructuring, while Air France and KLM gave up on Irish based City Jet, and sold it

UK’s regional airline FlyBE is in the process of restructuring its business model as the once high flying regional airline suffers from 3 years of widening losses. This case shows how regional airlines are struggling around the world, trying to find their market place between full network airlines (FNA’s) and low cost airlines (LCC’s), and … Continue reading

ABSTRACT: LIAT “The Caribbean Airline” on the Brink of Doom – BUT Still in Denial and Brushes Off Calls for a MAJOR Restructuring, why is it that the Caribbean is a graveyard for airlines ? no local airline has been financially successful for any length of time if there is no government ownership, and even then they go bust ! I think it comes down to poor management and political interference and corruption ! where are the accounting books for LIAT ? hundreds of millions of EC taxpayers dollars have gone into the airline, where did it all go ? a black hole that no one dares to look into ? well the EC countries are running out of money, some close to defaults on loan and bond obligations and LIAT will have NOWHERE to turn to for money, and then ??

Today, Mr. David Evans takes over as CEO at LIAT “The Caribbean Airline”, 7 months after the previous CEO, Capt. Ian Brunton resigned over his attempt to turnaround the forever struggling regional airline that serves 22 destinations with around 112 flights per week and a current fleet of DHC-8-300’s and ATR-42-600’s and ATR-72-600’s as it … Continue reading