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The Shakers and Movers of the North – Air North and Summit Air – Not Afraid to Make Changes for a Better Tomorrow

Next week (April 28-30) is the 38th Annual Northern Air Transport Association (NATA) Conference, AGM and Trade Show in Whitehorse, Yukon which brings together all the operators (38) and the associate members (OEM’s, airports, MRO’s, insurers and law offices, etc.). It comes as the big news in the region is the proposed Canadian North and … Continue reading

Is There a Sustainable Business Model for Porter Airlines ? IPO, CSeries or WestJet in its Future ?

Porter Airlines started in 2006 with two 70 seat Bombardier Q400 turboprops and is the brain child of one of Canada’s most famous and successful aviation entrepreneur, Mr. Robert Deluce, CEO and President of Porter Airlines. The Deluce family is one of Canada’s premier aviation entrepreneurs, with Mr. Stanley Deluce having started White River Air … Continue reading

Mega Merger Between First Air and Canadian North Will Keep Regulators Busy

The planned merger between Makivik Corporations’s First Air and NorTerra Inc.’s Canadian North will have a tough time from regulators, as reported in the previous article, 27 destinations are presently overlapped by both airlines. With only one airline serving those destinations, this will turn into a monopoly situation, for as soon as competition is taken … Continue reading

Mega Canadian Airline Merger in the Works as Canadian North and First Air Start Discussions

It was announced yesterday that Makivik Corporation, the owner of First Air and NorTerra Inc. the owner of Canadian North started to talk about merging the two northern Canadian airlines, which will create a single airline entity that builds on the strengths and identities of the two airlines. They say no lay offs are planned, … Continue reading

Passenger Airlines in Canada, a Fast Changing Landscape is Unfolding – The Few Small 704 Operators Left

Recently I read a presentation by WestJet that showed future market opportunities in Canada, and on the domestic side AC and WJ have $3.8 billion of the domestic market, but apparently there is an opportunity in the domestic market “Small Aircraft <50 seats” worth $1.1 billion, that sounded interesting and a little frightening for those … Continue reading