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Consolidation through Mergers and Acquisitions in the Canadian regional airline industry and how to Value them ?

I have worked overseas for 20 years working with 30+ airlines all over the world on strategy and now back in Canada I have found it difficult to find out how well Canadian airlines do financially and why more consolidation has not happened. With some M&A (mergers and acquisitions) experience and airline privatizations behind me, … Continue reading

Is the 50 seat Regional Jet Really so Bad with No Future ?

The demise of the 50 seat Regional Jet market is accelerating at a rapid pace as once again scope clause changes ratified by the pilots unions at Delta Airlines and United Airlines clears the way for more 70 to 76 seat jets to be operated by the regional affiliates. Once again a market is changing … Continue reading

LIAT has a Viable Growth Plan with New ATR’s To Replace Aging Bombardier DHC-8 Fleet

Caribbean regional LIAT (Leeward Islands Air Transport) has put it new business plan under new CEO Capt. Ian Brunton into action, by ordering three (3) ATR-42-600’s (48 passenger seats) from the manufacturer and leasing two (2) new ATR-72-600’s (68 passenger seats) from Air Lease Corporation. It also plans to purchase two (2) ATR-72-600’s in 2014 … Continue reading